Our domain hosting service provides a 'home' for your domain on the Internet. You may choose to use our service to provide just your domain's DNS, a web site and/or email.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

A domain's DNS is some what similar to a directory service. It provides the mappings between names and where they are hosted.

Web Sites

A web site is usually the focal point of your Internet presence. Your reasons or goals for having a web site might include; showcasing your church, ministry or organisation, another advertising channel, direct or online marketing or sales, another form of evangelism, communicating with your supporters, clients, parishoners, customers, an alternative distribution channel for literature. We provide a feature rich web service that may asist you in meeting your goals.

Electronic Mail

Having established an Internet identity, e.g. registered a domain, you are able to use it for your email addresses (someone@yourdomain). Having your own domain gives you independence from your Internet Service Provider.