No limit on disk usage

No setup fees or charges based on the size of a site1.

Drag & Drop Site Builder

Build your website using our online builder. We invite you to check out our demonstration. Your website will be hosted by us here in New Zealand.

Server Side Technologies

Server Side includes (SSI), Perl Ver 5.16.3 and Python Ver 2.7.5 Programmes (CGI), PHP Ver 7.4.33 HTML Processor

Server Features2

On the fly content compression to reduce traffic and improve performance

Content Upload/Management

Multiple FTP users allowing delegation of access to different areas of a site each with their own password, support for Website Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)

Content Access Management - Authenticated Realms

Password protect areas of a site and manage the community of users for each area.


Create and use PostgreSQL Ver 10.23 and/or MariaDB(mySQL) Ver 10.1.48 databases from PHP, Perl-DBI,

Trends and Statistics

All site access is analysed and updated daily providing useful information for assessing a site.

Pre-configured Applications

Install the following applications directly from within our customer portal;

  • Content Management Systems: CMSMadeSimple, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress
  • Online Store: ThirtyBees (was PrestaStore)

Regular update maintenance for Wordpress

Wordpress is the number one target for bots and hackers, it is very important that updates be applied when they become available. As an optional chargeable service we will check for and apply updates each week on your behalf.

Site Snapshots

Backup and restore either a site and/or databases it uses. Snapshots are automatically deleted after 14 days, they may be kept longer by downloading to a local computer.

Secure Sites

There is now a significant move towards making all websites use the secure HTTPS protocol. We can provide a digital certificate for your site from Let's Encrypt.


  1. Where a web site uses a very large amount of disk space, a fee may be negotiated if the size impacts the operation of any of our services.
  2. Some features may need to be explicity enabled - refer to our User Guide
  3. A secure site must not be used for the collection of credit card data. A recognised payment gateway must be supported by any e-commerce application
    e.g. PayPal, PaymentExpress, Paystation etc.
    as GodZone Internet Services is only a PCI-DSS certified merchant not a PCI-DSS certified service provider. If you are unsure, please discuss with your Merchant Bank's Compliance Officer.