All costs are in NZ$ and include 15% Goods and Services Tax

All registrations, transfers and renewals must be paid in advance. Transfers and the initial registration must be paid by Credit Card. Subsequent renewals will be invoiced and can be paid by any of the methods stated on the invoice.




.nz ccTLD Terms and Conditions

Transfer of a .nz ccTLD

If you would like us to be the Registrar for your domain, you can transfer just the domain. NB: Using us as your Registrar will not affect any services for which the domain is currently used i.e. a website or electronic mail.

A 1 year fee of $0.00 will be charged if the domain will expire within the next 3 months. This charge provides an additional year's registration so that we can ensure your domain will remain paid in advance.

gTLD and other ccTLDs


com2 years$60.00
co.uk1 year
2 years
estate2 years$160.00
holdings2 years$226.80
info2 years$62.00
limited2 years$162.00
name2 years$62.00
net2 years$60.00
org2 years$62.00
photography2 year$110.00
ventures2 years$229.90

gTLD Terms and Conditions


agency1 year$54.00
biz1 year$36.00
cc1 year$175.00
church1 year$70.00
co1 year$96.00
coffee1 Year$98.00
com1 year
2 years
company1 year$52.20
co.uk1 year$30.00
domains1 year$70.00
enterprises1 year$80.00
estate1 year$80.00
eu1 year$25.00
foundation1 year$80.00
holdings1 year$115.40
info1 year
2 years
institute1 year$54.00
limited1 year$81.00
ltd1 year$46.50
name1 year
2 years
net1 year
2 years
org1 year
2 years
org.uk1 year$30.00
photography1 year$55.00
tv1 year$144.00
uk1 year$50.00
ventures1 year$117.60
wine1 year$103.00


agency $54.00
biz $49.00
cc $175.00
church $74.00
co $96.00
coffee $98.00
com $30.00
company $52.20
domains $74.00
enterprises $80.00
estate $80.00
foundation $80.00
holdings $115.40
info $31.00
institute $54.00
limited $81.00
name $31.00
net $30.00
org $31.00 $30.00
photography $55.00
tv $107.00
uk $50.00
ventures $117.60

The Transfer fee includes 1 year of additional registration.


cc $48.00
coffee $18.50 $25.00
enterprises $6.50
kiwi $22.75
limited $20.00
tv $15.00

Some gTLDs charge a fee whenever changes are made to the Registrant or Name Servers. Unfortunately, we are unable to charge these fees at the time the change is made. Any charges incurred by us will be invoiced in the following month.

Should a gTLD domain expire, re-activation during the 35 day redemption period can incur a significant additional charge.

GodZone Sub-Domains

We hold a number of domains within which we can allocate a sub-domain for your use:


Sub-Domain allocation