All costs are in NZ$ and include 15% Goods and Services Tax

Domain Hosting

Unlike many other hosting providers, we believe that your web site should be allowed to use as much disk as it needs. The impact hosting a domain has on our resources and our other customers is proportional to how busy it is.

Our hosting services are usage based e.g. web sites and email. Network traffic is tallied against the domain with which it is associated. i.e. accesses to the site and/or email addressed to will be tallied against the domain

Traffic Tiers

MBytes/Month Monthly Cost
0 - 5 No charge
5 - 1000 $15.00
more than 1000 $30.00

Multi-Domain Hosting/Proxy Discount: Where a single customer account has more than one hosted domain, a discount of 10% per additional domain (up to a maximum of 50%) will be applied to the total hosting charges each month.
i.e. if an account has 4 domains hosted with us a 30% discount will be applied to the total hosting charges for the 4 domains.

Domain Proxy

This service has many names. Some ISPs refer to it as 'framing' or 'cloaking'. What it provides is a means to have a web site or part of a website located with another provider yet have your domain hide the real URL from those visiting the site.


$2.50 per month.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

This service provides the 'directory' for your domain.


No charge

Domain Parking: A domain that is registered but has no services associated with it is sometimes referred to as being 'parked'. Until such time as a service is added the domain will attract no charges other than for its renewal.

Web Services

Wordpress update maintenance: This is an opt-in feature. We will check each week and apply the updates to Wordpress and any installed themes and plugins (excluding pro plugins that require payment).

This is provided on a best efforts basis and should an update break a site it may be necessary to engage the developer to make any necessary changes to fix it. In the meantime we will roll back the offending update.


$10.00 per month

Email Services

Extra mailbox storage: Our mailboxes have an initial quota of 2 GB, which is sufficient for most purposes (provided some housekeeping occurs from time to time e.g. archiving Sent Items and emptying the Trash). Additional storage can be requested


$1.00 per additional GB per month