Unlimited local mailboxes

Create as many mailboxes on our servers as you need.

Unlimited Address to Mailbox mappings

Set up mappings (also called redirections) to have email delivered to another ISP, or a local mailbox on our servers.

POP3 and IMAP access protocols

Use either POP3 (the industry's standard access protocol) or IMAP1 to manage your email on our servers. Both protocols support SSL/TLS (secure transport).

Authenticated SMTP

Ideal for mobile users (i.e. laptop or smart phone). Send email from anywhere. Supports SSL/TLS.

DKIM signing of Outbound messages

Email can be digitally signed to ensure it hasn't been tampered with in transit. (Free Opt-In service, contact us for details)

Web Email

Access to local mailboxes from any computer from anywhere.

Virus Scanning

Messages can be scanned for viruses and malware. The virus scanner's signature database is updated hourly. (Free Opt-Out service)

SPAM (Unsolicited Mail) Filtering

Messages can be filtered for SPAM. Thresholds can be set per domain. (Free Opt-Out service)

SYMPA Mailing List Manager

Whether you need a discussion list for a group of 20 people or a Newsletter sent to 20,000 subscribers, SYMPA can do the job.


  1. IMAP leaves messages in a mailbox so that you have access to multiple folders and from multiple computers.