Zone Management

A simple interface for those that just need the basics, including adding the entries needed to use your Domain for Google Mail/Apps and Microsoft Office 365


An advanced Zone Editor for the experts. Supporting A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, SPF, SRV, TLSA and TXT records

DNSSEC for .nz ccTLD and selected gTLDs - Digitally signed zones

Key Policy
Key lengths: Key signing 2048, Zone signing 1024, Algorithms: RSA/SHA256, ECDSA-P-256/SHA256
Key rollover: Zone re-signing every week
Individual keys are generated for each signed Domain

Key Protection
Keys are stored in a database.

Frequently asked Questions about DNSSec

International Domain Names (IDNs)

Support for macronised vowels in the .nz ccTLD and selected gTLD name spaces.

Server Diversity

Four globally diverse name servers - two in New Zealand, one in Dublin (Ireland) and one in Norther Virginia (USA).

Dymanic DNS Update

If you have a need to dynamically update the address of a server, we provide a web based API that can be used to keep a DNS resource in sync.